Legal services
for Nunavik

The NOVAlex clinic offers consultations and legal clinics in partnership
with the Nunavik Community Justice Center.

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Please complete our request form

Make sure to send us all of the information relevant to your request at least four (4) weeks prior to any hearing date before a court or tribunal, or prior to any other step that must be taken in your file, as the case may be.

Once your request has been processed, NOVAlex or the The Nunavik Community Justice Center will contact you as soon as possible.

NOVAlex may refuse to take on your file, if we are not able to provide services in the area of law relevant to your file, in the event of a conflict of interests, or if our quantity of requests is too high for us to be able to assist you.

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For more information please communicate with The Nunavik Community Justice Center


NOVAlex cooperates with various organizations and businesses in order to disseminate resources and initiatives of other actors working on improving access to justice in Québec.

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